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The Ankona approach.

We find companies with great potential and support them as they grow efficiently.

We look for B2B software companies with the following profile:

  • Unique, innovative software

  • $5-$15M in ARR

  • Capital-efficient path to scale and profitability​

With each investment, we look to:

  • Make $5 to $15 M minority investments

  • Lead investment rounds (we frequently partner with existing investors to price new rounds)

  • Participate actively—we always have a seat on the Board of Directors

We diligently evaluate each company’s potential.


Proof of Product Market Fit

Together, we’ll dig deep to understand your customers by segment and figure out why they buy. We love meeting founders who have deep customer insights and focus on the consumer’s most acute pain. 


Poised for Growth

We help identify “a vein of gold” you can mine to reach scale and sustainability without betting on new products or markets. Next, we look for unit economics and retention numbers.  


Positioned to Succeed

We pay close attention to each company’s culture and each founder's ability to build a high-performing, diverse, and inclusive team. We're also looking for a realistic, achievable, and capital-efficient plan to reach scale and profitability.


Positive Influence & Alignment

Building mutual trust with our founders is critical, so we align incentives for everyone. We constantly look for opportunities where our deep industry experience and relationships can support a partner’s growth.

Please reach out if we sound like a good fit! 

We are actively searching for new partners to invest in.

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