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Sector and stage knowledge +
supportive guidance =
smart, smooth scaling.


We’re a team of successful investors *and* founders.  We’ve done this before and understand the pitfalls and path to capital-efficient growth.

We believe in the power of software.

We started our careers in software, and we still love it. Software is truly “eating the world,” and there will be no industry left untouched by digital transformation. As founders, we started two companies from scratch, and we sold them for a combined $1.5B. As investors, our experience spans from seed investing to buyout. We know the challenges you’re facing because we've been there ourselves. We’ve learned a lot through our decades of experience. And we realized that this system needs a transformation.


We think there's room for a new approach.

If you have a capital-efficient SaaS company, it might not align with the mandates of larger funds. We support your strategy and growth in a way that fits your goals, your needs, and your culture. We are building a firm with the same winning, inclusive, and rewarding culture that defines our best investments. And we’re having fun doing it!


We provide comprehensive support for our founders.

We truly care about your success. Ankona is a team of founders—we have experienced the exhilarating highs and depressing lows. Few other investors provide the sympathy and support that all CEOs need sometimes.


Our sector and stage knowledge is your secret weapon.

We’ve thrived on both sides of the industry, and we have a powerful track record of improving operations and earning stellar results.

We encourage our founders to focus on their Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs)—the source of all success—and communicate their value clearly. We help them navigate difficulties in team building, product management, product marketing, and sales process management.


We know you have a choice.

The best founders will always have options when taking on a new outside investor. We earn our founders’ trust and build mutual conviction through the process of diligence. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you go to market wisely and scale gracefully.

Our convictions support your goals.

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Flexible Structures

We don't have minimum ownership requirements, and we're open to secondary liquidity for founders.  We welcome the support of existing investors in rounds we lead.  

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Preserving Exit Optionality

We have the courage to be with you all the way to NASDAQ but the pragmatism to support the right exit at the right time.   Our disciplined, capital-efficient approach to growth enables exit optionality.


Rational Financing Rounds

We support round sizes that are dictated by the needs of your business, not by the size of the fund we're managing.  We won't pressure you to take capital you don't need.  

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Smart, Capital-Efficient Growth

We know that revenue quality and growth efficiency metrics matter.  We dive deep to help you identify the right signals and to chart a path for smart, capital-efficient growth.  

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Our commitment to you: individualized, empathetic support.

We are more than an investment firm. We share our knowledge, insights, connections, and a vast array of resources.

Timely, Efficient Answers

Deliberate to yes but fast to no, our process is set up to respect your time and resources. We provide an initial answer within a few days of first contact so that you can move forward.

Thoughtful Force Multipliers

Our job is to help founders however we can. From strategy to recruiting to business development, our team helps you to navigate the start-up world seamlessly. But we also know how to stay out of the way when we’re not needed.

Transparent Communication

We will always tell you where we are and what we think. We shoot straight—good news or bad.

The First Call You'll Make

We know we're doing it right when a founder’s first call is to an investor or BoD member. Being a founder is lonely, and our goal is to build trusted partnerships. We want our founders to have the confidence and trust to pick up the phone and call us at any time, for any reason.

Our Helpful Approach

Even if we don't invest, we extend our network and support. We want to help however we're able.

Foxhole Partners You Can Count On

When SHTF, our goal is to be consistent, reliable partners through thick and thin.


Ready for us to invest our funding and support?

We will be excited to hear from you. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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