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Our Story

We launched Ankona to build a different kind of firm based on lessons learned from decades of experience as both software investors and founders.  We think there's room for a new approach.  The needs of many capital-efficient SaaS companies don't align well with the mandates of larger funds.  And few investors provide the kind of empathetic support that CEOs sometimes need. 

We know because we've been there ourselves.  We have started, scaled, and sold software companies.  We started our careers in software, and we still love it.  We continue to believe in the power of software to transform industries and know that we are in the early innings of the transition to SaaS.  

We are on our own startup mission at Ankona.  Our goal is to build a firm with the same winning, inclusive, and rewarding culture that defines our best investments.  And to have fun doing it.  Our mission is to be the top choice for Founders based on our reputation for being good partners, our sector and stage knowledge, and our track record of improving operations and driving outcomes. 

Our Convictions

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Flexible Structures

We don't have minimum ownership requirements, and we're open to secondary liquidity for founders.  We welcome the support of existing investors in rounds we lead.  

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Preserving Exit Optionality

We have the courage to be with you all the way to NASDAQ but the pragmatism to support the right exit at the right time.   Our disciplined, capital-efficient approach to growth enables exit optionality.


Rational Financing Rounds

We support round sizes that are dictated by the needs of your business, not by the size of the fund we're managing.  We won't pressure you to take capital you don't need.  

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Smart, Capital-Efficient Growth

We know that revenue quality and growth efficiency metrics matter.  We dive deep to help you identify the right signals and to chart a path for smart, capital-efficient growth.  

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Our Commitment



Deliberate to yes but fast to no, our process is set up to respect your time and resources.


Force Multipliers

Whatever you need.  Intros, recruiting, research, fundraising, or sales.  



We will always tell you where we are and what we think.  We shoot straight good news or bad.


The First Call

We know we're doing it right when we're the first call a Founder makes to an investor or BoD member.



Even if we don't invest.  We extend our network and support to help however we're able.


Foxhole Partners

When SHTF.

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