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We help founders accelerate growth.

Ankona Capital


With efficient capital and developmental support, software companies can smoothly transition from startup to scale.

We turn founders’ visions into reality.

We’ll support you as you scale effectively. We strategically invest $5 to $15M in early-growth-stage B2B software companies generating $5 to $15M in recurring revenues.

And with each investment, we deliver value through more than just financial support.

Because we know what it's like to found a software company.

We founded our own software companies, and now we’re investing in founders who—like us—believe in the power of software to “eat the world.” We’ve seen the whole experience from all angles.

Our experience is your advantage.

Our team of seasoned investors and founders has more than 50 years of combined software experience growing B2B software startups. We launched Ankona to leverage the lessons we've learned through our many successes and failures.

We are actively looking for groundbreaking partners.

Our second fund, ACP II, is now live. If your innovative software company is looking toward the next stage of growth, we want to hear from you!

Companies in our portfolio.

What Founders say about us.


“Ankona has been the ideal partner. They do the work and show up prepared. They offer insight while also recognizing that I have context they don't. They're calm and cool when things aren't going to plan. And they're also fun to hang out with.”

CEO of Canopy

Definition of Ankona:

Greek (αγκώνα) for “elbow”

Noun: ˈelˌbō/ Something bent like an elbow, such as sharp turn in a river or the sudden acceleration of a company’s growth towards scale at a critical inflection point.  


Ankona Capital invests in companies “at the elbow”—at that stage where rapid growth must be handled thoughtfully. That’s where the greatest opportunity lies.

After a company has found a great product/market fit, our knowledge about smart, capital-efficient growth can help them scale wisely. The transition between those two stages is the “elbow,” and that’s where our support thrives.

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