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Founder-Focused Capital for Early Growth Stage Software Companies

Ankona Capital

We invest $5 to $10M into early growth-stage B2B software companies generating $5 to $15M in recurring revenues.

We are a team of experienced investors and founders with over 50 years of combined software experience, and we launched Ankona to leverage the lessons we've learned through our many successes and failures.

We are investing out of our debut fund, ACP I, and are actively looking for new investments.

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GoSite is on a mission to level the playing for local businesses everywhere by helping them move their businesses online.

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Alex Goode

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Definition of Ankona:

Greek (αγκώνα) for “elbow”

Noun: ˈelˌbō/ Something bent like an elbow, such as sharp turn in a river or the sudden acceleration of a company’s growth towards scale at a critical inflection point.  


“Ankona Capital invests in companies at the elbow.”

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